BBRS Insights Newsletter Insights Spring 2014

In this issue: President’s Letter Department Updates Meet the Team Project Spotlight Bristol Bay Resource Solutions, LLC Insights Spring 2014 BBRS helps launch new subsidiary Bristol Bay Resource Solutions is proud to have helped launch WorkForce Resources, LLC, a new wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation. WorkForce Resources, based outside of Camp Pendleton, Calif., provides military training support personnel, administrative staffing and training support staff for roleplaying scenarios. The company is experienced in recruiting people of different ethnic backgrounds to create authentic immersive environments to teach local customs to American military personnel largely headed to the warzones. Training can include assistance in logistics at a command post or field operations. All BBRS departments participated in efforts to launch WorkForce Resources. (See inside for more on each department’s roles.) WorkForce Resources started official operations in early 2014, but BBRS’ efforts began weeks in advance in preparation for the transition. “WorkForce Resources’ staff creates safe environments to help train our military service men and women, as well as others who may be placed in harm’s way, for a variety of situations,” said Carol Giannini, general manager of WorkForce Resources. “We hope these training scenarios will help the men and women who serve our nation to be better prepared so they can come home to their families. I am excited about the opportunity to provide a cost-effective and accessible solution for customer staffing needs. I am also greatly appreciative of the truly outstanding services provided by BBRS staff in meeting our start-up and operational requirements.” WorkForce Resources fills a unique niche in the military training sector by providing more than field support. The company is also focused on solidifying contracts for athome services for soldiers who return from deployment and private sector corporate training. In addition to California, the company also has operations in Hawaii, North Carolina and Virginia. I am also greatly appreciative of the truly outstanding services provided by BBRS staff in meeting our startup and operational requirements.” - Carol Giannini, General Manager, WorkForce Resources, LLC Solutions Start Here. Setting the stage for success: 10 things you need 1.Human Resources support - employee paperwork, personnel manual 6. Computers/software 2. Benefits enrollment 7. Reviews – business license, contract administrative services 3. Payroll 8. Strategic plan 4. Accounts payable/receivable, general ledger 9. Brand – logo, tagline 5. Employee hotline 10. Marketing materials, business cards, website, brochures BBRS can help with any or all of your needs. Visit our website to learn more about our administration services.