Journal on Policy & Complex Systems Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2015

Policy and Complex Systems - Volume 2 Number 1 - Spring 2015 Policy and Complex Systems Volume 2, Number 1 - Spring 2015 © 2015 Policy Studies Organization Table of Contents Welcome to Policy and Complex Systems Journal______________________________1 Mirsad Hadžikadić Letter to Editor John Henry Holland Overview________________________________3 Joseph Cochran Deriving the Expected Value of The Tax Underreporting Rate_____________________4 J. T. Manhire An Agent-Based Simulation of the Swiss Labour Market: An Alternative for Policy Evaluation____________________________________________________________15 Moreno Baruffini Computational Modeling of Caregiver Stress________________________________31 William G. Kennedy, Emily S. Ihara, Catherine J. Tompkins, Megumi Inoue, & Michael E. Wolf-Branigin A Complex Adaptive Systems Analysis Of Shaka Zulu and The Mfecane___________45 Chris Newman Predator-Prey Dynamics and the Red Queen Hypothesis: Putting Limits on the Evolutionary Arms Race_________________________________________________65 Ted Carmichael and Mirsad Hadžikadić From Agent-Based Models to Network Analysis (and Return): The Policy-Making Perspective__________________________________________________________77 Magda Fontana And Pietro Terna