PowHERhouse Fall 2017 - Page 32

Teach Me

AWE: Awaken Well-Being of Educators

by Lisa Baylis

"Educators care deeply about their students and often tend to be high-achievers but sadly- often because of their "I can do everything" personalities -

they rarely see burnout coming."

"As a practicing educator and counsellor in a challenging school of diverse learners, Lisa Baylis know first hand what burnout feels like. “I have repeatedly seen colleagues suffer from burnout and compassion fatigue. We need to create space for educators to practice self-compassion, self-awareness and well-being habits. In essence, educators need to be encouraged and supported to have a self-care practice to avoid burnout. With a deeper sense of awareness of their own mental, emotional and physical health, they then may have the capacity to teach our children from a heart-centered place.”