BWS issue 36 November December 2015 - Page 30

28 BUSINESS WOMEN SCOTLAND profiles Clear about the figures Susan Wilson has always had a clear head when it comes to figures – a whizz with numbers, say many of her associates. She has a flair for detailed analysis of complex business accountancy plus legal and tax issues, examining profit and loss, highlighting forensically exactly where the money is going in a business. A nd Susan is widely experienced in recording a company’s sales and purchase transactions, grant funding issues, payment of bills and all-important payroll duties. While not all her work has been plain sailing – it never is in the world of business and finances – the East Lothian managing director has rarely been as troubled as she was when she decided to set up Lothian Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services Ltd (LABS) in July this year. She had been trading effectively as Lothian Bookkeeping Services for a couple of years but her desire to expand into the accountancy sector, to move to larger premises and to provide training for those looking to pursue a career in the financial sector was taking hold. “I was trying to calculate and work out various issues and my head was scrambled at first,” said Susan. “After years of balancing other people’s books, I was struggling to work out a way forward for me through the new accountancy business I was determined to establish. But, after a good few deep breaths, an unhealthy amount of coffee, some sleepless nights, a lot of sage advice from professional associates and even some long-standing clients on the book