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fit tips Body Image by Diana Freccia Body image – a challenging concept to define. We think about having relationships with other people, but seldom do we think about the relationship we have with ourselves. 30 HACHEALTHCLUB.COM We all have insecurities. One day as I was walking out the front door at the HAC, I overheard a woman on her cell phone telling her friend that she could never take a group fitness class because she was too shy. I can totally understand that feeling. It is easy to look at others and make assumptions without knowing the reality. It seems like everyone has always been here. But that isn’t always true. Some are brand new members who are trying things out for the first time. Both first timers and old timers will struggle with a class depending upon how much weight they add or how they modify the poses presented. We all want to look a certain way, and it can be frustrating when we look at where we want to be and where we are. We need to be okay with where we are before we can really get where we want to go. Don’t workout because you hate yourself, workout because you love yourself. As the summer arrives, we start to shed our layers of clothing and spend more time outside. It is that time of year that we head to the beach and the pool. When the topic of body image and bathing suits was first broached to me, I shuddered. My own insecurities were brought to the forefront of my mind. Personally, I have never really been too comfortable in my own skin. Though I am probably not alone in this, as I have heard so many casual complaints from people who I look at and think they have the ideal bodies…..and then I think of my own complaints and I am sure there are people who would look at me with the same incredulous looks I give to those who I think appear to have it all together. When you are hard on yourself, you are also creating image issues for others as well. You never know who you are inspiring. The insecurities of others can trickle onto you, too. Our bodies are always changing. We may not be growing in height, but we grow in other ways. Change is the only constant – but it is also something that can be hard to deal with. The more I pondered this topic, the more different angles flooded me. If you ask just about anyone about their body, they can easily rattle off a list of things they don’t like, or want to cover up. There are messages we either heard or read or saw somewhere that Let’s not dwell on the aches and pains, the past injuries, the future fears, chasing those last five pounds we need to lose or that one saggy spot. Our bodies are amazing.