The Indie Game Magazine August 2015 | Issue 52 - Page 8

GAME WATCH Nature Always Wins A re you ready for another installment of Game Watch? (If not, I guess you can always skip over to another section of the Magazine, and come back to this one later.) We’ll be checking back up on Objects in Space next month – as we go more in-depth about the story, writing team, and gameplay features – but for now it’s time to rekindle an old flame. Of course, I’m talking about Lost Ember, because I wouldn’t waste an incredible pun like that on anything else. by Vinny Parisi May issue of IGM – so it’s only fair to offer a brief refresher for those who don’t quite remember the specifics. In a nutshell, Lost Ember is an action adventure game mixed with puzzle elements. The game centers around a wolf protagonist, roaming a jungle that used to be the site of a powerful civilization of people known as the Inti. However, through mysterious circumstances that will slowly be revealed over the course of the game, the civilization fell, and nature has since reclaimed the ruins. vines and foliage, can be reactivated through various puzzle solving mechanics, including the ability to take control of other animals types such as a Parrot, who can then fly to previously inaccessible areas. Once reactivated, the shrines rise from ruination as the first steps of rebuilding the empire. Players will also encounter memory sequences along the way, which display flashbacks explaining how the Inti civilization fell in the first place. Which brings us to today’s segment. Over the past couple of months, Mooneye was intent It’s been a few months since we received The puzzle aspects come into play when the on crafting their vertical gameplay slice, which an update from the team at Mooneye wolf encounters shrines once belonging to the they could then bring to events and trade shows Studios – Lost Ember was last seen in the Inti civilization. These shrines, now covered in to display to potential investors and gamers 8 The Indie Game Magazine