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For the past three years, the man, who was once a street kid, have been doing this charity work in both Pretoria and Johannesburg. In an interview with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper, he revealed that his motivation is Love. “You must love your neighbor as you love yourself”. “Ezeja” confessed that he was once a street kid and so he knows “what people in the street are feeling”. He recalled his life on the street, “I suffered before I had my shop…so that is why I'm doing this to help the community”. He also noted that he is helping the South African Government and also helping to stop crime because his charity work gives hope to street kids. “It doesn't matter where you are coming from, it doesn't matter who you are, give people food” then you can start asking what their name is, who they are, where they come from. He noted that it is his love for South Africa that motivates his free food project. “You Mr Okore expressing his mind with The Nigerian Voice Newspaper on Monday 17th June 2013 after his charity works at Cnr Esselen & Bourke Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria Mr Themba Qakala, an active participant and beneficiary must love your neighbor as yourself. If I'm selfish I will only give food to my brothers but I'm not selfish”. He attested, “I love South Africa, I love Nigeria, I love everybody, I love the people in government”. A cross section of the needy on Monday 17th June 2013 Speaking enthusiastically about the impacts of the twocity project which has been going for three years, Mr. Okolie said, “If in each and every location we've got something like this, I don't think a lot of things that is happening in South Africa would be happening”. “I believe that God sent me.” Running the project to him is “imitating Christ” and since he started the project, he recalled his “business is booming. I never ask for bread one day, God is providing, so I depend on God”. Going forward, Mr. Mr At, Swanevelder a beneficiary Okolie identified the need for a car and more funds to continue the project. “My challenge presently is that I need a car, I need more money to push forward the vision”. “This thing is a vision, it's a vision that God gave me that I will go around the world”. The humble philanthropist admitted that he needs “money to supervise this because it's not a small job”. “It's taking quit a lot for me to do this. To cook the food, get the juice, even the people that are c o o k i n g . ” M r. O k o r i e identified job opportunities available through the free food project. With more support, he reckoned that a lot of people would get jobs. “Some South Africans will get jobs, some foreigners will get jobs.” This, he believes, will reduce crimes. “If you have something doing, I don't think you would be thinking on how to rob someone, or how to steal, or how to go into house breaking or how to go into crime”. In the next four to five years, Mr. Okolie's plan is to “go all over South Africa”. He appeals to the South Africa government to show interest in such project as his because there are many other people like him supporting the government through similar street charity initiatives. He concluded that “it is not everybody that is committing crime. There are no jobs, if there are job opportunities; I know that Nigerians are people that can work hard”. Also commenting on the aspect of crime related issues he made it clear that Nigerians are good people. In a final word in his advice, “Learn how to be good More Pics & continued story on page 5 NUSA Honors Nigeria’s Consul-General Ifedayo Oshin Consulate,16 Illovo Road, Sandton-Johannesburg by Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA). The Cosul-General at the Nigeria Consulate in Johannesburg, Mr. Okey Emuchay (MFR) was honored with an Award “Conferment of Grand Patron” on Saturday 8th June, 2013 at Nigerian The Nigerian Union in recognition of the people's Consular (As he is fondly called by Nigerians), Mr. Emuchay's sterling leadership honored him by conferring on him the highest and most prestigious title of Grand Patron of the Union on the 8th of June 2013. The President of NUSA said that the honour was bestowed on Emuchay for his contribution to the union and the welfare of Nigerians in South Africa. “We gathered here today to honor a man who has done a lot for NUSA. He is a man who under difficult circumstances stood by the truth and democracy”, said NUSA President. The President further explained that “the Consul-General provided the leadership when Nigerians in South Africa needed a strong government intervention when the lives and property of Nigerians were targeted as a result of xenophobic attack on Nigerians. He also engaged South African institutions of government over the harassment, brutality and killing of Nigerians in Police custody