Australian Govlink Issue 3 2016 - Page 30

HELPING HELPINGTHE THEWORLD WORLD GROW GROWMORE MORE WITH WITHLESS LESS UNIBIOLINE DRIPPERLINE TECHLINE DRIPPERLINE SUB SURFACE DRIP IRRIGATION WHAT IS SUB-SURFACE DRIP IRRIGATION (SDI)? Understanding the relationship between soil, water and turf is a critical step, ensuring you get the most efficient use of your irrigation system. • A proven method of irrigation that waters your turf from below the surface • A network of dripperlines are installed in a grid across the irrigated area • Drippers and dripperlines are spaced uniformly to ensure an even spread of water over the entire area • Water is applied directly to the plants root zone • Water doesn't pool on turf surface; there is no overspray or run-off and allows irrigation to take place at any time of the day • Watering from below ground ensures that it is the most efficient way to water your turf areas and is suitable for use with treated wastewater. Find out more by visiting our website or contact your local Netafim representative via 1300 307 407 or online at NETAFIM AUSTRALIA 213 - 217 Fitzgerald Rd Laverton North, VIC 3026 Australia Tel: 1300 307 407 Fax: 03 9369 3865 Email: Web: 30% LESS WATER USE TECHLINE DRIPPERLINE