REGISTERING YOUR INTEREST On behalf of our vendor/s we thank you for inspecting this property and giving consideration to purchasing it. The following is outlines the steps you should take to safeguard your interest in the property and confirms how offers made prior to the advertised date will be handled by our offices. If the property is of interest please ask the Barry Plant consultant handling the sale to keep you informed. You will then be kept informed of any developments throughout the campaign, especially if the property is likely to sell prior to the advertised date. If you wish to make an offer prior to the advertised date, please be aware that for the vendor/s to give your offer serious consideration it must be presented in writing using the bottom half of this form and:  With no conditions other than those stipulated in the Contract/Section 32 as provided by the vendor’s legal representative;  The offer must remain valid for a period of no less than 48 business hours in order to allow our vendor/s time to make a fully informed decision. If your offer is accepted by the vendor/s there are principally two paths that may be followed: 1) You may be asked to attend our office at an agreed date and time. Any other interested parties will also be invited to attend and challenge your offer. If there are no challengers and the terms are accepted by the vendor/s, the Contract will be signed by both parties and the property will be sold to you. 2) You and any other interested parties may be asked to submit your best and final offer by a certain date and time. Each offer will be treated independently and confidentially and will not be disclosed to other buyers. At that time the vendor will select the offer they wish to accept. The vendor is under no obligation to accept the highest offer; historically vendors have occasionally chosen to accept lower offers in favour of more suitable settlement terms. However, the property is not sold until both the purchaser and the vendor have signed and exchanged Contracts. Should you have any questions, speak to the Barry Plant consultant managing the sale. _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION OF INTEREST Subject property address: __________________________________________________________________________ Full name/s:_____________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ________________________ Mobile Phone/s: ____________________________________________ Email address: __________________________________________________________________________________ Would you like a complimentary market appraisal for your property? YES / NO We hereby register our interest in the above subject property (please sign and date below). _______________________________________________________________ Signatures ________________________ Date At the time of printing, information herein is to the best of our knowledge correct. However, it is in your interests to obtain independent legal advice.