Currents Digital Currents January/February 2018

A Digital Newsletter of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 Get To Know: Director of Water Resources Paula Kehoe Hailing from the Ocean State, Paula Kehoe has spent over 20 years with us, working on what she knows best—water. As the Director of Water Resources, she is responsible for diversifying San Francisco’s local water supply portfolio through the development and implementation of conservation, groundwater, and recycled water programs. Her innovative work and research is at the core of the “Hetch Hetchy & Local Water – Better Together,” campaign here in the City. She is also responsible for spearheading local legislation to allow for the collection, treatment, and use of alternate water sources for toilet flushing and irrigation in large new developments within San Francisco. In describing the biggest challenges facing our water system, Kehoe remarks, “San Franciscans have been fortunate to have been able to rely solely on our Regional Water System for nearly 100 years. But our world is changing, and with that comes a number of challenges that we must address to continue to provide reliable water to our customers.” Challenges that affect the long-term resiliency of our water supply include climate variability and its affect on snowpack and rainfall, regulatory changes, and population growth. In addition, wildfires, drought, and earthquakes are challenges that we must continually prepare for, as they can occur anytime and affect the reliability of our supply. The next major earthquake could be tomorrow. The next drought could be right around the corner. The work of Paula and her team ensures that we plan and implement projects now, so that San Francisco is prepared to meet these challenges before they arise. As a dedicated public servant, Paula has built her career around creating sustainable solutions for San Francisco—making the City a better place to live for families and communities. What is the most important issue for San Francisco ratepayers to know? She states, “It takes years to evaluate, fund and develop new water supply projects. Our goal is to responsibly plan and implement projects to be ready in advance of the need so that we can maintain a reliable supply for our customers.” In This Issue Drinking Water Powering Buses. Huh? High Impact Learning for San Francisco High School Students Happy Anniversary Adopt a Drain! Your Top Five 2018 Resolutions Page 2>> Page 3>> Page 4>> Page 6>>