Washington Business Winter-Spring 2014 - Page 23

what’s working Better Living Through Big Data A Seattle startup helps small businesses create ‘a culture of health’ through data collection, number crunching and smart presentation. Brian Mittge Companies don’t want to deal with the privacy issues that come with handling employees’ health information, and workers don’t want their bosses to know their personal information, either. Health123 has a solution. A healthier lifestyle might just start with a bite of dark chocolate. Nibbling on this heart-healthy treat is the kind of suggestion users receive after they join a new online wellness platform called Health123. This small Seattle startup aims to bring together and analyze detailed data about clients, combine it with a holistic approach to overall physical and mental wellness, then offer specific suggestions tailored for each person’s situation and goals. This is about much more than physical fitness — the founders of Health123 want to help their users collect, understand and act on health metrics to improve five areas of well-being: weight control, heart he