The Kimberley School Newsletter July 2014 - Page 2

Each half-term we hold achievement assemblies to reward students for outstanding work in their subjects. Students who receive an award gain points for their House, a certificate and an invitation to our Awards Evening held at the end of each year at the Albert Hall in Nottingham. See the next newsletter edition to see if your child has reached the Top 10 or if they are going to be one of our Rising Stars. Learning Matters Merit Totals Boot 32404 Lawrence 30053 Nightingale 30253 Clough 28163 House Point Totals Lawrence Clough Boot Nightingale 16532 14649 14870 14337 Senior Students All Senior Students have gained 50 points for their house. LAWRENCE: Thomas Storer, Eleanor Harrison, Zoe Spiers, Bethany Lowe, Cameron Chettle, Colt Simpson, Megan Barnes, Mica Ricketts, Kate Benniston, Euan Ball, Amar Jumbu, Callum Williamson, Jenny Banton, Jasmine Mansouri, Daniel Fox, Alicia Emmerson, Olivia McGuiggan, Astral-Anais Brown, Leah Roulstone, Stephen Taylor, Caitlin Ashwood & Sarah Whistler BOOT: Abbie McColl, Bethany Ward, Grace Broughton, Rosie Howe & Jessica Allen CLOUGH: Jamie Walsh, Abbie McCusker, Zara Goodacre, Isobel Dickinson, Joe Welch, Emine Mehmet, Alicia Irons-McLean & Chloe Henson NIGHTINGALE: Lewis Felstead, Brogan Butler, Elle Cooper, Daisy Weston, Sahel Sadeghi, Olivia Smalley, Alex Gibb, Emily Walters, Charlotte Dixon, Lucy Price, Holly Orme, Samantha Cation & Megan Campb