VANISH MAGIC BACK ISSUES Morgan Strebler edition - Page 120

BEHIND THE SCENES BEHIND THE SCENES: BACKSTAGE AT FOOL US Doug Bennett BACKSTAGE AT FOOL US T hey’ve been fooling us for years! So it’s little wonder that when Penn & Teller first launched their TV show “Fool Us”, magicians from all over the globe vied for a chance to put one over on P&T. During seasons 1 and 2 of the popular show a few magicians managed to fool the legendary duo. Now season 3 of Fool Us has hit the airwaves, and we get to tune in each week to watch some very skilled magicians leave it all on the stage to hopefully claim the coveted “FU” trophy. What does any of this have to do with me? I’m glad you asked because last April I got to go behind the scenes for the taping of Fool Us, Season 3. Two magicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with were chosen to perform on the show, and so I went at their invitation. It was an incredible experience that I could tell absolutely no one about---until now. Spoiler Alert! By the time you read these words a few episodes of Fool Us Season 3 will have already aired. But if you’d like a detailed rundown of all the magi120 VANISH Magazine cians that will be appearing this season---and which ones fooled Penn & Teller---read on. Fooled you! Do you really think that I want to find myself bound, gagged, and naked next to the “Lucky Cuss Motel” sign in the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard? They don’t call Penn & Teller the Bad Boys of Magic for nothing. For this and other reasons I am compelled to abide by the shows very strict: “No taking pictures and texting or posting stuff on social media or writing articles in the August/September 2016 issue of Vanish Magazine about who is on this season’s shows and whether or not they fooled Penn & Teller” policy. And so I have taken the liberty of redacting certain sensitive names, dates, and places pertaining to Fool Us Season 3. During the course of about ……weeks, over … magicians came to the …. Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. And from my vantage point, every aspect of production of Fool Us Season 3 ran smoothly and ----------.