SciArt Magazine - All Issues - Page 12

PLACES & SPACES Hypersonic Design, Engineering, Sculpture By Raphael Rosen Contributor For someone who began his career tending military machinery, Bill Washabaugh’s life has taken a dramatic turn. These days, as the founder of Hypersonic, he spends his time building interactive environments and art installations. The studio, which is perched on a top floor in a high-rise building in downtown Brooklyn, looks like an engineer’s dream workshop. Workbenches and desks sit near tall windows, wood chips and metal shavings litter the floor, and a makeshift conference table situated on one side of the space is the resting place of a large orange toolbox. Prototypes of past projects hang from the ceiling, and more recent prototypes—some intended for the lobbies of Manhattan—are affixed to walls. 12 SciArt in America December 2014