European Baker May/June 2016 - Page 18

Branding Barbara Zec The Netherlands: the sweet side of bread Bread in sweet combinations for breakfast, or as a salty snack for lunch. Then a bite of ginger cake or a syrup-filled waffle. The Dutch people really love their carbohydrates and many of them eat bread for two daily meals. By Barbara Zec, MA of Visual Communications T he Dutch are not only loyal to their bread, but are also, as a nation, quite lean. Early in the morning they combine bread with butter and an amazing topping called hagelslag. It is a Dutch name for sweet flakes or sprinkles, usually made from chocolate, but which can also be fruit or even licorice flavored. This invention was introduced in the 1930s and has since become a favorite breakfast bread companion for both children and adults. For salty meals, they are choosing from many types of bread: white, brown, rye. They buy mostly artisanal, unpackaged bread but, with the shift in their lifestyles, many consumers are turning towards pre-packaged kinds. Let’s take a look at some of them \Hܛ\HX\][\ZZٙ\\\XY\Y]Y\XZY [ܘ\Y[K\XYY Hܘ\XۈHXY[˜\HZ[[X[ ^H[\H\HH[\\Y\ܘ\H]]H\˜H[X\H܈[ۙH\܂܈Y\[X][ۈ]Y[]YܚY\ˈ܈^[\K܈ۈXY ^HYY ܈]HXY BBNY[ˈ\ܛ\HZ[\[X\“X\ [\[\\و\YێZ\X[\X[[[\B[ Y\YۙY X\[\[BH\H]ܙH[˂[\Y][[HX\\Z\š\H]Z\H][\][ۘ[[Y[K]\HY\X[YXB'\]HHX][ܙH[[ܙH[H[]H[ܙBX[[K\BZ\\H[[Y[X[[X ܈B[ܙHX[ۜ[\X[H\X[˜\HXYK'B\\وY[H\[Hܛ ^HXZHH]]HX[XY[\ZY][]BZ\[\Y][[[ B\[H\Y[\[\BX[\[Y[H\œ[HHZY LNN ^H\Hٙ\[YHXY ˈ][ܜ˜\HY[ܘ[K]]\B[H\HوH[YX[[ۙ ܘ\XۈXXY\ٝ[\H[[Y[Y][ۘ[HۛXYHZ\H[\H HX] Y[[Y[ܚ\˂XHX\[ܙH[ LY\[ZYXˈH[8&\›[[\X\\ XYYHXY H\[H\\X\Y[ܙH[ LYX\Y[^H]\H[\[[\H\X[Y[]KH\H\X[]KXYH[B[\H]H[X\][قXY[H[Hܚ][[\X] ]XZ\]ܙX]܂X\܈Z[\YY[HX]\X[ HXY[H\XYY[[\[Y]H[YH\[[X\[ۛYH]\]H BH[\ݙ\Y]HXB^\H\[X[]\X[HY[\YH  M(UTPSRT