• We guarantee to ask you how you would like us to communicate with you throughout the sales process. • We guarantee to provide accurate feedback from potential purchasers after they have inspected your property. • We guarantee to provide weekly updates, either verbal or in writing, on the progress of marketing your property. • We guarantee to provide you with options to choose from for how we sell your property. • We guarantee to give you alternatives on how to best advertise your property. • We guarantee to provide you with a written marketing plan, once agreed upon. • We guarantee that, if you choose to auction your property, we will use only Barry Plant accredited auctioneers. • We guarantee that you will not be charged for any expenses that you have not approved beforehand. • We guarantee that every salesperson within the Barry Plant network will be able to sell your property through our “As of Right” sales policy. • We guarantee to provide professional advice on presenting your home for sale to help achieve the highest price. If you notify us in writing that we have breached any one of our guarantees, we must take steps within 48 hours to either rectify the breach or ensure that it does not occur again. In the event that we do not do this, you may terminate the selling authority by providing 48 hours prior written notice. In this event you will not be liable for any commission (unless your property has already been sold) but will pay any outstanding expenses incurred to that date which have previously been agreed with you. Agent name: Signature: Date signed: / /