April Magazine 2016 - Page 64

Healing processed in one, due to trauma or drama, where healing was not an option and gets epigenetically transferred to the next. It’s always amazing what happens and the real time changes that occur in our lives after the session reveal what’s stopping progress as we move through life. THE CONSTELLATION OF by Gary Stuart A s a Constellation Healing experience facilitator, this modality basically makes the unconscious conscious. Thereby empowering us to make the positive changes we need to make to change our lives. Any client using constellations set their highest goals they want to achieve; the group then supports finding where the block is coming from. A person or attendee picked to rep for the working client uses their innate intuitive abilities to access the hidden landscape of the subconscious landscape by their empathy. 64 | Eydis Magazine This process works like clockwork to determine the origin of the stuck chi and, as it’s expressed, releases the stuck energy contained in our age-old baggage we carry that emanates from other generations. Each generation shares what cannot be Most in attendance are deeply affected by the process as we really are one human family with a common set of emotions; when we heal or express for one, we heal or express for all. Many unresolved experiences can be resolved and profoundly changed in minutes. It clears the slate for those living and dead simultaneously. Bert Hellinger of Germany was the founder and discoverer of this process and coined the term constellations—it shows a pictograph of what’s unseen thus creating a deeper image of where the difficulties and problems emanate from. He coined the term “orders of love” and urges those to be open to unconditional love in all cases, accept the pain as part of destiny, at the very least, and leave what’s not yours with them, suffering, with honor and respect. This allows the pain to recede into the past where it belongs. It all frees the working client to use their life for better things than suffering. Forgiveness not needed and liberation with empowerment ensues. Healthy boundaries are restored many feel more present and lighter, and educated on how it all fits. Themes explored in any constellation experience can be quite heavy, and even shocking, to the working client or the group. I always say “if the original trauma can be survived, so can the healing.” The facilitator holds the space to communicate and move along what’s needed to understand the deeper message or help what’s desired by the lineage represented in the constellations subconscious terrain of the family system, most who departed long ago. The current symptoms and reactions to this collective pain are well known as they are the consequences intended or unintended that emanated from the current events shaped by the past. Luckily, as in Back to the Future, energy can be changed, expressed, and transformed. Most experiences look like they have nothing to do with the goals but this conscious field, or totality, sees things differently. It’s spacious and timeless on every level as it truly is a live experience with the eternal now. Can we handle the truth? Yes, it’s those hidden truths that created lies to ease suffering. It’s natural to do so but can be destructive down the ancestral line. Once the chi, or life force, is cleanly and clearly restored things can begin anew with the client’s goals and intentions being met. Not only eydismedia.com 65