European Baker July/Aug 2016 - Page 6

news - IBIE special Biscuit on edge packaging system debuts in North America Daily demonstraions Bosch Packaging Technology will debut its biscuit on edge packaging system at IBIE. It is now available in the US for the efficient and flexible packaging of biscuits and crackers in slug packs. The modular system consists of a loader, a transfer unit, a feeder and the Pack 301 LS (Length Slug) horizontal flow wrapper. The Pack 301 LS has been developed as an addition to the Pack series of horizontal flow wrappers, which range from entry level, hand-fed machines to fully automated solutions. It is designed to help manufacturers meet the increasing market demand for biscuit wrapping, together with premium product quality. The system, including the Smart Measuring Loader for slug portioning, has been designed specifically to ensure gentle product handling for delicate and brittle biscuit-type products - even at higher speeds. Stand 10305 ECD BakeWATCH exhibits at IBIE 2016 ECD BakeWATCH will be showcasing the same thermal profiler used by AIB for 5-log reduction protocol validation and the development of kill-step calculators. This will help ensure compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). IBIE 2016 runs at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 8 - 11, 2016. Booth 8645 6 Koenig is organizing daily demonstrations at its booth, showcasing its Menes dough sheeting line for ciabatta, baguette and multigrain bread; the Combiline bread roll line, with its Rex Futura Multi (for kaiser rolls, hoagies and hamburger buns); its dough dividing and rounding machine Mini Rex Multi Forming Station; and the new Industry Rex Compact AW (for dinner rolls). The Mini Rex Multi’s new forming station, which is now also suitable for the production of teleras and bolillos, can be observed during live demos. Also on display is the Roto Passat SE (Save Energy) rack oven, with a newly developed heater, which reduces energy by up to 20% compared to its predecessor. The counterflow heat exchanger is significantly more efficient and improves heat transfer. Lines such as Menes and Combiline are already popular with US customers (these will go to them right after the show). Booth 6541 Detailed IBIE updates are available on Steel belts and hygienic process technologies Sandvik Process Systems highlights complete production solutions and its steel bake oven belts, with a working life of 20+ years at this year’s IBIE. The upgrades brought to its bake oven line provide the opportunity to expand product ranges to include real butter co- okies - a product that can only be baked on a solid belt - as well as other biscuit products, part-baked bread, granola bars, pizza bases, chocolate brownies and cakes. Sandvik has experience in helping bakeries to upgrade from wire mesh to steel belts, working closely with oven builders to ensure that disruption to production is kept to the minimum. The company can also provide all related components, including compact belt tracking systems and graphite skid bars. These and other components will be July/August 2016 demonstrated on a conveyor model on Sandvik stand at IBIE. Sandvik will also showcase its QuickCleaner cleaning system, which has been developed to speed up removal of carbon residues and potentially hazardous acrylamide from a bake oven belt. The cleaning medium - a combination of sodium bicarbonate and calcium phosphate - is blasted at high pressure, removing the bulk of the residue without damaging the steel. Booth4314