The Gospel Truth Magazine May 2019 - Page 6

Danny Felton’s Newest Venture Brings Co-Working to Miami Gardens: Welcome to The Oasis Those who know Danny Felton also know that he has a servant’s heart. His company, The Mortgage Experts, has helped count- less families navigate the home ownership process. Because of his commitment to empowering families many are living the American dream. Danny has single-hand- edly transformed a number of buildings in the city of Miami Gardens from frugal ap- pearances to flourishing establishments, all while repositioning their purpose and presence in this predominately African American community, which is the fourth largest city in Miami Dade County. Faith, fate and tenacity have taken Felton in a slightly different direction. He has created The Oasis at Miami Gardens: This new state of the art co-working facility, a first of its kind in the community, is “A Place to Clear Your Mind and Grow Your Business”. This provides yet another op- portunity for him to be a resource to the community he loves to serve. Co-working is the sharing of office space in a communal, collaborative setting which provides membership for access to an “open office” design with other busi- nesses and services. Danny continues to keep his finger on the pulse of the needs of the community. Statistics indicate that self employment is on a steady rise and by 2020, 40 percent of the workforce in the U.S. will consist of independent contrac- tors, freelancers, and on-demand workers. This rise in self employment has led to an increase in demand for co-working space. The tag line for The Oasis is, “A Place to Clear your Mind and grow your busi- ness”, is one that Danny takes to heart. By creating an inspiring, beautiful, visually pleasing environment and by providing supportive tools, he hopes to accomplish just that. The Oasis will serve as a growth haven for everyone from freelancers and emerging entrepreneurs, to seasoned business professional. It provides the op- portunity to get away from home and the distractions of home in a positive working