The Indie Game Magazine October 2015 | Issue 54 - Page 8

GAME WATCH Hump Day A by Vinny Parisi nother issue of the Indie Game Magazine, another in-depth look at the process of indie game development courtesy of Game Watch. This month, we’re back to keeping an eye on the Mooneye Studios project, Lost Ember. Let’s take a look at how things are progressing: MooneyeFramework engine. “On the code side of things we revisited the MooneyeFramework that we started earlier this year, if you remember,” Graff told me. “The code so far already got really messy and chaotic, and we decided to invest a couple of weeks just to re-factor it and build a clean framework that would save a lot of time in the later development and allow Remember back in the August issue when CEO for quick adjustments and feature pro