BBRS Insights Newsletter Insights Autumn 2015

FA L L 2 01 5 INSIGHTS BBNC PRESIDENT/CEO JASON METROKIN: BBRS PROVIDES ‘CUSTOMER-FOCUSED SOLUTIONS’ Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) President and CEO Jason Metrokin sat with BBRS’ Communications Department recently to discuss the shared services model and the role BBRS plays in the BBNC family of companies. Metrokin said BBRS was designed to provide efficient administrative services to subsidiary companies of BBNC; this innovative and collaborative partnership ultimately allows for higher profits and growth opportunities for everyone involved. “BBRS provides customer-focused solutions,” he said. “BBRS has a real hands-on relationship with BBNC customer companies and, therefore, is going to be aware of opportunities or challenges firsthand. You’re able to provide advice, counsel and resources to our subsidiaries, and that really helps to maximize the value of those companies and, in turn, it helps to maximize the value of BBRS.” “THIS INNOVATIVE AND COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP ULTIMATELY ALLOWS FOR HIGHER PROFITS AND GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES” As BBRS grows its customer base, it also serves as the nucleus to a diverse, growing network of companies that operate in the U.S. and international markets; it can work with companies to adjust in an ever-changing business environment. “Our companies can’t always talk to each other, so BBRS can help facilitate best practices, standards or other efficiencies that occur by transferring the knowledge between companies,” he said. “BBRS can help with the positive side of making change. With the patience at BBRS, and the interest in looking for best practices, you can work with the customer companies to not just encourage them, but show them how they can be that much better off.” Continued on back page