Maximum Yield USA January 2017 - Page 106

s n o growers know s ' r i t u l o s Y w e N a e e R r o d In r t ue r G t en s er ro r che a zm K by w G o fo For indoor cultivators, it’s easy to fall into patterns of complacency when it comes to general growroom maintenance. If that’s the case with your operation, it’s time to kick those bad habits and adopt a proactive attitude regarding growroom upkeep. 104 Maximum Yield USA  |  January 2017 Many growers tend to forget that regular attention to the most remedial of chores can significantly affect the size and quality of indoor yields. Nevertheless, the coming of a new year should provide motivation for positive changes in one’s ɽѥ̸!ɔɔٔɕ́)ɑեЁЁѡ)͡ձɕݥѠѡ܁啅ȸ((0