The Charbonneau Villager Newspaper 2016 September Villager

The Charb nneau Villager P R S R T S T D U .S . P ostag e P A I D W il son vil l e, O R P ermit N o.6 1 E CR W S S P ostal P atron 39 TH Y EAR , N O . 9 SEPTEMBER 2016 WILSONVILLE, OR J oin F estival of D og s S ep tember 1 7 V olun teers are ge ttin g r eady for the 1 1t h A n n ual Pin k B all Tourn amen t, an d t hey hope you are too. H ere, D an a R ic hmon d, D ian n e R eiter, L in dy A n de rson an d S heila B arton show their en thusiasm for the ev en t. S i g n up for P i nk B al l T od ay! By R obyn Andrus T here are still a few days to sign up for the 11th annual C harbonneau P ink B all T ournament set for T uesday, S eptember 13. T he P ink B all T ournament, hosted by the C harbonneau W omen’ s Niners, is unique ; because 100 percent of every dollar donated for decorations, raffle items, priz es, wine and even the pink balls g oes directly to the K night C ancer I nstitute at Oregon H ealth and S ciences U niversity ( OH S U ) . Over the past 10 years, the P ink B all T ournament has ge nerated thousands of dollars in donations to the cause. I t’ s a spectacular event where a sea of participants, most of whom are dressed in pink, ga ther toge ther for a fun day of gol f followed by a luncheon and a spirited auction. T his event is important to all of us who have been touched, hurt or have lost people we cared about loved ones and friends who have struggl ed with cancer. T hankf ully, many more people are surviving cancer now than ever before through the efforts of scientific research such as that done at OH S U . T he women who plan, direct and orga niz e this tournament put forth a monumental effort to make it a success and have done so througho ut the years. Members of this special team are: Lindy nd n ia a n yc d n a n Li n y a n ad an in nny i k andy ca i a n an C ontinued, s ee ink a page 12 C ome to the 2016 C harbon n eau Festiv al of D ogs to see w hat c ostume Z oe, t he Fren c h bu lldog, ( an d y our other fav orite pooc hes) w ill be w earin g. Z oe is ow n ed by K aren R ow ley an d T erry Win ds c higl . L ast year, Z oe c ame as a b an an a spl it . . . pr ec ious! Mark your calendar for S eptember 17. T hat' s when the C harbonneau F estival of D ogs once aga in appears for a morning full of dogs , dog lovers and dog gone good f un. T his year, there will be more categor ies for winners, and members of the Oregon D og R escue will showcase some of their favorites that can be adopted. T here will also be specialty coffee drinks and smoothies to start the day off right . C ome j oin the fun! I t' s free, and we want everyone to enj oy! Charbonneau Special Events Sep tember 5 - L abor D ay ffic d L nc n ink a ad in in ck ia f aa n id