Internet Learning, Volume 1, Number 1 Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2015 - Page 38

Internet Learning Journal – Volume 4, Issue 1 – Spring 2015 No. Lead Author Year Purpose Participants Methodology Findings assignments. Shea 7 2006 Kupczynski 2010 “The goals of this research were to enhance understanding of online pedagogical processes in the service of improving the quality of instruction and learning in a large asynchronous learning environment— thus in many ways this mode of inquiry may be seen as action research”. The purpose of the study is to “to explore student perceptions of the impact of the indicators of Teaching Presence on their success in online courses”. 37 ! 1067 participants from 32 colleges Quantitative survey method “There is a clear connection between perceived teaching presence and students' sense of learning community”. 643 students (362 students enrolled in a variety of classes related to certificate or AA programs at South Texas College; The second group of students consisted of 281 students enrolled in courses at West Virginia University's College of Human Resources and Education). Mixed Method that is Descriptive statistics, odds ratios and open ended questions “feedback indicator as being most important to course success; regardless of learner level, the need for presentation of clear, concise objectives, instructions and general participation guidelines should be a cornerstone of online course development”