GLOSS Issue 22 JUNE 2015 - Page 6

T here is something about Bernard Salt that puts one in mind of being back in the lecture theatre at University. It’s nothing to do with his manner, or tone, or any sense that he is anything other than charming and personable. It is simply that he is phenomenally whip-smart and quick on the uptake. As a result, I felt as if a favourite lecturer was peering closely at my intellect and finding it terribly, terribly wanting. ADD A LARGE PINCH OF SALT: AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH BERNARD SALT There is no indication that this was not in fact the case, although thankfully, he was far too much of a gentleman to reveal whether I passed or failed the Professor Salt ‘Is She Pseudo Smart or a Genuine Sage?’ test. What I can say that I am intelligent enough to comprehend, is this. If you are given the opportunity to talk business, bravery, generational conflict in the workplace and the lack of political brilliance in Australia with Bernard - actually, you could probably talk about baked beans and he would have a new perspective and some neverbefore released statistics about Heinz - embrace it. You will go away with a brain fizzing on a bigger firecracker high than the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve. It is fitting that this month’s issue has Kate Matheson a theme revolving around bravery and GLOSS JUNE 2015