The Charbonneau Villager Newspaper 2017 August Villager

The Charb nneau PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Wilsonville, OR Permit No.61 Villager ECRWSS Postal Patron 40th Year, No. 7 Dive Into Charbonneau's Information Day August 2017 WILSONVILLE, OR Make a Splash! Dive into Charbonneau! By Casey Crowley Summer is the time to jump into Charbonneau pools; but if the water is too cold, come make a splash and dive into all the great things happening in our commu- nity at Charbonneau Information Day and Newcomers Welcome beginning at 5 pm on Tuesday, August 22 at the Clubhouse. According to Kim Hosford, activities coordinator for Char- bonneau Country Club (CCC) and one of the lead organizers for this event, Information Day is put on every year to welcome newcom- ers to the neighborhood and to inform them (and other residents) about and many activities Char- bonneau's offers. “I think it is important that peo- ple feel involved here. That cre- ates community, and I think it is very welcoming when they come KHUHWR¿QGRXWDERXWWKHYDULRXV groups,” said Kim. Continued, see Info Day, page 10 Charbonneau Special Events August 3-4 - Men's Invitational August 8 - CCC Board Meeting August 21 - Solar Eclipse Party August 22 - Charbonneau Information Day and Newcomers Welcome The Eggleston family likes to make a big splash in Charbonneau - literally. Here, Cari, Leif and Sue Eggleston have fun splashing in the pool near Chuck and Sue's Charbonneau home. They were getting ready for Charbonneau Information Day and Newcomers Welcome on Thursday, August 22. Newcomers Welcome begins at 4:30 pm and Information Day activities start at 5 pm.