MAFLT Brochure 2016 - Page 8

STUDENTS WILL: Integrate theories of second language acquisition with the practice of teaching the target language  xamine critically their own teaching E  evelop a solidly grounded D personalized philosophy of teaching the target language and culture(s)  lend technology into their teaching B D  esign modules that enrich or expand their professional development  reate an interactive e-Portfolio C  rovide leadership in their field P WE WILL: M  aintain a high degree of interactivity P  rovide opportunities for scholarly inquiry O  ffer personalized advising and program mentoring E  ngage YOU in a unique virtual environment MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY, STRONGEST FOUNDATION Our program includes the following components: eight core courses, one or two Experiential Module(s), and an e-Portfolio that serves as the certifying examination. We offer many individualized study plans. Choose any of them to best fit your own needs:  hort-Term: Complete the MAFLT S degree in two calendar years (six semesters) including summer courses L  ong-Term: Graduate in five years with one course per semester and no summer study C  ustomizable-Term: Finish at any pace within five years maximum 8 MSU MASTER OF ARTS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING