MAFLT Brochure 2016 - Page 11

MESSAGE FROM THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR Welcome to the Master of Arts degree in Foreign Language Teaching (MAFLT) at Michigan State University (MSU). This online graduate program, housed within MSU’s Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA), is for current and aspiring foreign language teachers. Dustin De Felice, Ph.D. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DIRECTOR OF THE MAFLT PROGRAM Coursework focuses on communicative and task-based language teaching principles and methods, as well as computer-assisted language teaching, language assessment, and language program administration. Through online instruction and collaboration with faculty members and peers, students in the program receive a solid foundation in foreign language teaching, applied linguistics, and learn how theories and research apply to approaches, methods, and materials design. If you have questions about the program, I encourage you to contact us at Dustin De Felice MSU MASTER OF ARTS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING 11