Madison Originals Magazine Madison Originals Magazine February 2012 - Page 43 | 43 containers for growing herbs, and a comfortable way for people to move in and out of the house while carrying trays of food or other items. Another amenity to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen is lighting. Being able to light the space in the evenings or during darker times of the year noticeably increases the usability of the space. Planning for the way in which you’ll move about in your outdoor kitchen ensures the comfort of having what you need where and when you need it. Indoor rooms are separated and connected by hallways, and are the most comfortable outdoor spaces. Placing seating areas in quiet spaces out of the way of foot trafc (think: hallways), allows for people to move easily in and around the cooking and serving area. If your outdoor kitchen is not a permanent system that houses all of the items you need to prepare meals, it is benecial to locate it near your indoor kitchen so that food and serving items can easily be brought in and out, perhaps even year-round. Speaking of year-round, planning your outdoor kitchen for the elements ensures you can enjoy the delights of outdoor cooking all year. Adding an overhead structure to the cooking area with a removable cover that can withstand sun, rain, and even snow enables you to grill and prepare food during all seasons. Whether you are planning an elaborate permanent outdoor kitchen system, or creating an adjustable and interchangeable one with items you already have, simple space planning is the key to creating a fun and exible space to comfortably prepare and enjoy food with friends and family outdoors. MaraLee Olson is a registered landscape architect and associate for ZDA, Inc., Landscape Architecture, 4797 Capitol View Road, Middleton. Call (608) 831-5098 or visit Photographs submitted by ZDA, Inc . Grace Chosy Gallery Contemporary Regional & National Artists 1825 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711 Hours: Tues —Sat 10 —5 Phone: (608) 255-1211 Fax: (608) 663-2032 email: Paintings | Prints | Ceramics | Jewelry | Glass | Custom Framing