Madison Originals Magazine Madison Originals Magazine February 2012 - Page 42

42 | madison originals magazineoriginal home During this times silver-blue sky and crisp winter air, ones mind can easily drift to faraway warm summer evenings and the sounds and smells of preparing and sharing a meal outdoors with friends and family. Whether you have always wanted a formal outdoor kitchen, or you have an area that could be one with just a few tweaks, setting up a comfortable place to prepare food outdoors is a matter of simple, exible space planning. If you are developing a permanent system made with xed and built-in features like weather-resistant countertops, stove and/or grill, storage, lighting, and refrigeration, you will want to consider this a permanent outdoor room, and design it in a location convenient to access year-round and near places where guests gather to eat. The counter space within these permanent systems can be designed at a height and width that allows for seating with stools, as well as a food preparation or serving area. Many of these permanent systems offer additional amenities such as replaces. However, a permanent outdoor kitchen system is not essential to creating an outdoor kitchennearly any patio, deck, or relatively at outdo "&V6&V6RvFW&gV6RF&W&RfBVFW'FFW"wVW7G2"&VBV7Wb6ffVRFW7F&ƗGB&֗G&RFRW2F6f'BBgV7FvVrW"W&RWFF"F6Vvrf"GVgV7F2vFW"76R&fFW2FW7F&ƗGBW&ƗGfB&W&VWVVBvF6Vfr6FVBV"FRw&66W'fW226Rf"7FvrB6W'frfBR6V6ǒ7&V6RFR6f'BbF2&V''&vrBW6rFRWFVBv2G&vRf&VF波g&FvR7FfR6BFW"B"GvgFVW6VBF"F6VFW6vF2'&vVVBV&W26WfW&VRF6f'F&ǒv&FRfB&W&VbRfR7FW2W"FvFW"WFF"F6VR67&V6RFRW6&ƗGbFW6R7FW2'rFVvFW"vFFVWW"G&VG2B6'FW"&6W'2FW66W'fR26Rf"wVW7G2F6BB&V6RF6WB Flexible Outdoor By MaraLee Olson