Madison Originals Magazine Madison Originals Magazine February 2012 - Page 30

30 | madison originals magazine situation, especially as the community grew bigger. Looking at the folks who are using the shelter, its not just our neighborhoodits people from all over the city. University departments, people from Sun Prairie, people from all over the Madison area are using it. Its like anythinghow many times can you patch up something? Eventually theres not much more you can do with so many repairs. Realizing the shelters unfullled value, Mary and others began to form a plan for ensuring a covered public space that would serve the historic park well into the future. The [shelter] group is a volunteer citizens group, says Mary. It was started by people whod lived here for quite some time, who were interested because theyd been here for some time. Friends of the Yahara [River] Parkway were also involved. The process is exciting. After a year of work, we thought we had a pretty good design. We went to the neighborhoods and everybody liked it, and then we went to the City Parks Department and they did not like itthey gave it 2.5 stars out of 10. After we got past that hurt and disappointment, we went back and looked at the recommendations, and about 80 percent of them were really helpful and wise. We took that 80 percent and went back to the architects, and they came up with something really fantastic.One part of this vision came from a seemingly unlikely source. The FW7B'VFrFR&2FR6&W"b'7FB6W&Bv2'VB2&W7G&'WBI'2BW6VBf"Fr&RB62'FR'VFr6Y'2&VfW'&rFv2FW6vVB'&֖VB֖vVVR&6FV7BvV&vR"fW''B&V'2FR&bFR&&R66vFG2&fVB7G'V7GW&RB&GFW&VB6&W'2FVvFW7BFR7G'V7GW&R6W'fW22WFFR7GƗ7F2FVFbFR&2vR 5vR6vVBFB'VFrFFR&6FV7G227&Ff"FW6vbFR6VFW"B62' 4V"FW"vR&W6VFVBFRWrFW6vBvB7FFrfFf"FRFW6vvR7B7&VBFRW&&FW6v6֗76vfRW2VW2fFRf"FRWrFW6vWfVFVvBv2g'W7G&FrV"vR6RvF涖rFBvRfRvB6G&6W79wFR&6W72v&VBDv&rFF6FR&&R667GRFRWr6VFW"FW6v26VVB6GVFVBFRFR7BbG27W'&VFw2 4I'26vVBW7BƗGFR&B&RB62'bFR&W6VBFW6v 5FR'2FRvV'6FR66WBG&vw5&R7G&vBWBFvFW'&RvVBrƖRFR'G2B7&gG27GRFRGRbfBF6W2FR7GRf"FRWGFW&rFR6vvRf"FR'VFrFRvW"&b2'G2B7&gG22vVFR&v7FR2&Vr&WW6VBFR'2BFR&W6RFRFW&"bFR'VFrBFRV'BbFR'VFr2FR76W26VG&fVGW&rFRf&VVFVB&W6RBfBֆv6VƖw25FR6&7V"&V2FR6R2FRB'VFrBBI'26FVBBFR6RvR6FRWr6VFW"vvWBBbFR6WF6WFvW7FW&ƖvBBFB6Fr2&Vǒ'FBBRbFRFw2FBW"'7Bf6BFFRW&&FW6v6֗76vRV&VBvR&Vǒ6VB&RW6yvBffW'2fWw2FB֗RFRG66RBFRvFR7V6WG2@W762V&VBg&FRFW6v&f&6W72fR&VVV&6VB'vB'FW67&&W22 6w&VB'FW'6&WGvVVFRfVFVW"w&WBFR6G&2FW'FVIB2vV2FW"6W&6W2 4I'2&V'FBFBFR&GbFRW6Rg&FR&fFR6V7F"B6R62 4bBv6'Bf"FRvf֖ǒv2֖r&vG2f"FR6VFW"vRvVBB&RFƶrFFFR&V6W76&7F6ǒ7FVBW"gVG&6r7BV"BFRw&W '2&VVv&rF2FvWFW"f"fW"fW"V'2vR7B