Madison Originals Magazine Madison Originals Magazine February 2012 - Page 18

18 | madison originals magazine Many of those seeking services from Family Service Madison have been hit by hard circumstances affecting the country at large. in Transition (FIT) offers in-home counseling for families with children, aged 10-17, who are at risk of being moved outside their homes due to emotional, behavioral, educational, and interpersonal problems. Meanwhile, the anti-violence programs offered at Family Service Madison include a variety of approaches to the problem of violence, including its prevention. A sampling of these programs includes Alternatives to Aggression, which intervenes in abuse involving men and their intimate partners; Abuse Prevention Group for Women, which offers anger management and assertiveness training for female victims of abuse who have also been violent toward their partners; and Children from Violent Homes, which provides counseling and treatment to children and families exposed to domestic violence. “Unfortunately, domestic violence isn’t going away,” David says. The problem has been underscored lately by a growing number of charges that focus on monetary penalties. “Some people are getting a ne instead of being forced to do something about it, like seeking counseling,” says David.Many of those now seeking services from Family Service Madison have been hit hard by circumstances affecting the country at large. David observes that the economy has had a serious impact on both the organization and its clients. “We are directly affected because we nd more people now are out of work, unemployed, uninsured,” he explains. “We had traditionally served the more long-term, chronic, mentally ill; but now, with cuts in funding, we’ve had to shift. We’re making a major shift because we ran out of money for folks in the local community. I don’t know where [previous clients] went—probably emergency rooms. We’re creating a void by pulling away from the long-term folks we were seeing. But what part of our society isn’t facing challenges now?”Fortunately, the group is still equipped to address a number of pressing needs in the community. “With our substance abuse programs, we’re able to offer a reduced fee for the assessment. We’re able to get folks in, get that initial assessment, and then hopefully they can get treatment either with us or with