Madison Originals Magazine Madison Originals Magazine February 2012 - Page 15 | 15 While the managers share the role of purchasing, receiving, merchandising, staff management, computer and Internet management, and customer service, each have individual responsibilities as well. Kelly covers the apparel and gear lines, and uses her artistic talents for advertising, webpage, Facebook, and Twitter. Nancy Burger is the “merchandising queen” as she can magically design and create space for whatever product put on the oor—she especially likes the puzzle category. Tyson Varney is the “go-to guy” for computer and software upgrade problems, and he likes the Lego category. “What’s unique is that since the three of us are in three different age categories, we can keep our eyes on specic things that appeal to us,” explains Nancy Burger. Nancy and her managers are kept very busy meeting with toy company representatives, and traveling to trade shows especially because of the expanded product mix. “I believe these shows are the best way to nd new and unusual products. My favorite show is the International Toy Fair, which I haven’t missed in 25 years.” Nancy and her crew also attend Astra Marketplace, which is sponsored by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association, and the ABC show, which covers a lot of the apparel and gear lines. They additionally go to many smaller regional shows in Chicago and Minneapolis.Playthings is bright and colorful, and is well stocked with clothing, gear, and classic and sure-to-become classic toys for all ages. And for additional information, you can also visit Jill Carlson is a freelance writer.