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10 | madison originals magazine World Cheese Championship Contest Brings Cheese Trifecta to Madison Two thousand world-class cheeses, 30 renowned international judges, and dozens of the worlds best cheesemakershow often does this magical cheese trifecta come together in the same place at the same time? Just once every two years, and 2012 marks the 29th biennial World Championship Cheese Contest, held March 57 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. As the largest cheese and butter competition in the world, the World Championship Cheese Contest attracts thousands of cheese entries, with contest organizers this year expecting a record number of cheeses to ship from more than 20 countries. As many as 2,500 cheeses arrive in Madison in March, where for three solid days each and every one will undergo at least one round of vigorous judging by the worlds top cheese experts, all in the quest to name the World Champion Cheese.Before the contest starts, cheeses ship to Wisconsin from six continents, including countries as diverse as Argentina, Japan, and South Africa, to European powerhouses such as France, Italy, and Switzerland. Despite the international avor, the United States, and especially Wisconsin, are always well represented with hundreds of entries from Americas Dairyland rubbing shoulders with many of the most famous cheeses in the world.Cow, goat, sheep, and mixed milk cheeses are sorted into 82 different classes, including the likes of Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Feta, Quesos Frescos, Smear Ripened, Flavored Soft Cheeses, Smoked Cheeses, and even salted and unsalted butter. Once sorted, judges break into pairs and are assigned to different classes, which can include dozens of one type of cheese, each from a different company in a different country. Each judge silently and independently assesses each cheese, evaluating it for avor, body, texture, salt, color, and nish, giving it a nal score to determine its place in its class. The three highest scorers in each class are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals, with the gold medal winners all original event By Jeanne Carpenter Wheels of gouda await judging at the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest. A Family Business for over 50 years Lfan]jkalq8n]fm]~ 9Yjgh]fہhe;aff]jJ]jn]\ۂhe :dgk]\Jmf\Yqk۬?gda\Yqk =jgeJl]Yc۬?YkZjgofklgJgmhk۬J]Y^gg\qgmjgklkCYjjqKge۬AYf]lYj] [geeall]\lgk]jnaf_l]^af]klimYdalqhj]hYj]\lgh]j^][lagf@fY\\alagflg_j]Yl ^gg\Jegcqkak_j]Yl^mfK]Ylegkh]j]ak\]da_l^mddqlY[cq۬[g[clYadk_]f]jgmk JegcqkoYkngl]\۴~kl]Ycgmk]afl]Da\o]klZq Midwest Living eY_Yraf] 8dd[j]\al[Yj\kY[[]hl]\:Ydd^gjj]k]jnYlagfk~ Sizzling Steaks Homemade Soups Seafood Martini Bobs Martini Club