Madison Mallards Program 2019 Program - Page 37

This summer will mark the first time Colt will share the spotlight with Kovu during live games. The two will take turns each inning, one dog will fetch the bat while the other rests in the dugout.

While Colt is a bat retrieving expert already, Kovu is still a young pup warming up to the idea of performing on the field.

“Kovu did a couple of trials when he was eight months old and he would much rather sit on the players laps than go get the bat,” Bucci said. “I may have to send him out with Colt a couple times just so he gets a feel for it.”

Regardless of how well the dogs retrieve the bat, they are constantly adored by Mallards fans and the players.

Players typically interact with Colt and Kovu by letting them sit on their lap during games.

“ Last year there was a player who made the effort to learn Colts commands,” Bucci said. “He would even play with Colt when he would go up to bat as part of his walk up routine.”

To get close with fans, the dynamic duo take a break from the field and walk around the ballpark during certain innings. This way individuals have opportunities to meet the dogs up close and take any desired pictures.

“After the third inning we go up and walk around,” Bucci said. “Then we go back for the seventh inning and stay on the field with the players after the game when they sign autographs.”

Colt and Kovu are making 20 appearances at the Duck Pond this season. For more information about specific dates and how to purchase tickets, individuals can check the Madison Mallards official website,