Madison Magazine June-July 2019 - Page 21

Madison Scene Dunk-a-cop Photos by Kaitlyn Brooks James Ebert, chief of police for Richmond, gets a shock of cold water. Police Chief James Ebert shows he’s all good after being dunked during the Dunk-A-Cop event. Shaking off the cold, Chief of Police James Ebert gets dunked into a tank full of cold water. Chief James Ebert gets dunked into the tank during Dunk-A-Cop. Richmond Police Chief James Ebert looks nervous as he waits for someone to dunk him into the cage. Mary Kearns sips her tea while enjoying the company of her friends. Melodie Lincavage tells a group about the tea and treats they will be enjoying during low tea. Rusty Rechenbach tells Tuesday Tea goers about the history of Andrew Trimble. Teresea Trimble enjoys learning about Andrew Tribble’s history while enjoying food by Four Sisters. Lucy Anderson waits for tea to be served at The Old Trimble Parsonage. Tea at The Old Tribble Parsonage Photos by Kaitlyn Brooks J U N E - J U LY 2 0 1 9 Madison Magazine 21