Madison Magazine June-July 2019 - Page 18

LATRELL FLOYD Original BE AN _________ “I am a first-generation college student … and it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. It feels really good to know that I’m a role model for my younger brothers.” – LATRELL FLOYD Master’s in Public Administration student from Bardstown, Kentucky BE A COLONEL More than one third of Eastern Kentucky University students are VJGƂTUVKPVJGKTHCOKNKGUVQRWTUWGCEQNNGIGFGITGG,QKPVJGOCPFGZRGTKGPEG -GPVWEM[oUOQUVYGNEQOKPIUWRRQTVKXGWPKXGTUKV[ VIEW ALL PROGRAMS GO.EKU.EDU/BEACOLONEL #HHQTFCDNG^#EETGFKVGF^0GCTN[2TQITCOU EASTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY (DVWHUQ.HQWXFN\8QLYHUVLW\LVDQ(TXDO2SSRUWXQLW\$IŵUPDWLYH$FWLRQHPSOR\HUDQG(GXFDWLRQDO,QVWLWXWLRQ