Madison Magazine June-July 2019 - Page 15

Kentucky’s First Choice For Retirement Living Independent Living Living Independent A Continuum of Care... 625-1400 625-1400 In a Community That Cares we live in. We want to see them thriving and sustainable. In my opinion, healthy communities start with healthy farms. Fam- ily farmers are an endangered species. The 2017 Census of Agriculture shows the total land devoted to agricultural use con- tinues to decline in the U.S. and the number of farms is declining. According to the U.S. Depart- ment of Agriculture, there were 2.04 million farms and ranches in the U.S. in 2017, down more than 3% from 2012. Out of the total value of production of $389 billion in 2017, two-thirds of it came from farms making $1 million or more, those farms are considered large to USDA. Though the number of acre- age being cultivated is relatively the same, the ownership and number or people steward- ing the land is in decline and has been for decades. With the average age of a U.S. farmer being around 60, who will be the next generation to feed us? We continue to be in a pivotal place when it comes to our food and farm system, and in or- der to change the way things are moving, we must make an intentional effort to support lo- cal family farmers. We must do what we can to bring awareness and work towards a healthier place, a healthier economy,and a healthier you. For those of you who are un- sure if you can afford local prod- ucts, Community Farm Alliance has partnered with others to create a program that increases fresh food access to those partici- pating in food nutrition assis- tance programs (SNAP, WIC, and Senior Vouchers). Kentucky Double Dollars is a win for both farmers and consumers. Last year, Kentucky Double Dollars could be redeemed at 34 farm- ers markets, 3 Fresh Stop loca- tions and 2 retail stores across the state. This year, there will be more sites, in more places. If you are interested in keeping up with the program, please fol- low them on Facebook or check out Community Farm Alliance’s (CFA) website page to learn more. Assisted Living Assisted Living 625-1400 625-1400 Personal Personal Nursing Care Nursing Care 626-5200 626-5200 Conveniently Creek Ave., Ave. , Conveniently located located off off Tates Creek Near downtown downtown Richmond Richmond Near J U N E - J U LY 2 0 1 9 Madison Magazine 15