Madison Living - Kentucky Winter 2018 - Page 26

Pat Williams, a Master Gardener, helps recovering women at Liberty Place with their garden by teaching them how to fertilize and mulch. RICHMOND REGISTER FILE PHOTOS EXTEND INTERESTS H Story by Kaitlyn Brooks ave you ever been interested in learning how to quilt? What about learning how to become a master gardener? Or how about wanting to know more about the best practices for managing your cattle? Do you know a young child or teen who is interested in becoming a future leader? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, look no further than the Madison County Cooperative Extension Service. Founded in Madison County some 100 years ago, 26 Madison Living WINTER 2018 the extension office has been serving the needs of the county in various forms. Lisa Adams, Madison County Extension County manager, said the Madison County agents provide a variety of services to citizens, almost always at no cost to them. The Madison County Cooperative Extension Service is a joint educational effort of federal, state and county governments and is administered through the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University. The extension office provides a variety of programming in four areas: agriculture and natural resources; family and consumer sciences; 4-H youth development; and horticulture. Each program provides unique opportunities to residents in Madison County, some they may not know about. Agriculture and natural resources Led by extension agent Brandon Sears, the agriculture and natural resources program helps provide educational opportunities for beef cattle producers, such as the Master