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something different. “I was bored, my two kids from my first marriage were grown, and I wanted to do something different and serve my country at the same time,” she said, so she went to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was stationed in Fallujah, Iraq, at the height of the Iraq War. It was during her stay in Iraq that she met and married her current husband, James, a security professional. She served as field office administrator and assisted the camp medic while in Fallujah, then moved to Baghdad, working with American Iraqi Solutions Group, of which she and her husband were part owners, performing numerous functions, including day- to-day office management, human resources and public relations work, and even assisting in the on-site medical clinic. Her final position in Iraq was as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense as vice president administration in Al Anbar. “After spending 30 months in a war zone, I was burned out, so I went back stateside to Yakima, Washington, to work as an executive district manager and consultant,” Vaughn said. From Washington State, her husband was transferred to Germany, where they lived for six years. “I didn’t work at a job while we were in Germany, but I did a lot of volunteer work,” Vaughn said. In fact, she served as president of the Bavaria Community and Spouses Club in Vilsek, Germany, an organization she described as being “at the forefront of the U.S. Army’s volunteer service program in Germany.” Among her accomplishments, she developed a strategic plan to advance the club’s mission and objectives, managed the operation of two thrift shops and served as public information officer. Her efforts with the club, along with conducting food and supply drives for local animal shelters, won her recognition from the U.S. Army as one of 13 “Phenomenal Women” as part of the observance of Women’s History “We all worked closely together as a team, following the rules, carefully building a case, taking it to court, and getting the bad guy off the streets.” — Christina Vaughn, on being a a forensic crime scene evidence technician Month in 2011. After returning to Texas from Germany, Vaughn earned a technical degree in forensics and latent print examiner from Texas A&M University, graduating at the top of her class, and worked for the City of Big Spring Texas Police Department, the Howard County, Texas Sheriff’s Office and with the Texas Rangers as a forensic crime scene evidence technician. Her duties included conducting crime scene searches, photographing crime scenes and lifting fingerprints, attending autopsies to collect and prepare evidence, reports and recordings for court purposes, and related duties. Since her husband was transferred to the Blue Grass Army Depot about two and a half years ago to serve as director of emergency services, the couple has made their home in Kentucky. Vaughan joined Century 21 Advantage Realty in Richmond about five months ago, where she works as a Realtor, specializing in residential, military relocation services, farms, land and commercial properties. Asked what of the many positions she has held over the years is most fulfilling, Vaughn said it was being an evidence technician. “We all worked closely together as a team, following the rules, carefully building a case, taking it to court, and getting the bad guy off the streets,” she said. She added her work as a Realtor has its own allure. “I’m really a people person, and I love working closely with my clients, helping them to find the perfect home or property and seeing the satisfaction on their faces. I make a big effort to get to know my clients personally. That way, I get to better understand just what they’re looking for,” she said. Having worked closely with military and law enforcement people throughout her career, Vaughn holds a special place in her heart for active military, veterans and first responders, so she gives back 21 percent of her commission to them in cash, calling it her “service pledge” to thank them for their service. So, where do the Vaughns go from here? Well … the couple, who have been married for 13 years, own a 70-acre ranch that is already occupied by their two dogs, Bullet, a border collie, and Gunner, a 10-year-old chihuahua. They are planning on adding goats, ornamental chickens and alpacas, along with about 50 or so Katahdin sheep, which are known for having twins or triplets, ensuring a fast-growing herd. The couple, of course, is planning to keep their current jobs while raising their flock. As for all the places she has lived, Vaughn said Kentucky suits her well. “When I travel, I find that coming back to Kentucky is calming and peaceful. I love the four seasons here. It’s just a great place to live, and Richmond is a wonderful place to work,” she said. As if she needed one with all the things going on in her life, Vaughn said her hobby is creating stained glass mosaic works, many of which she donates to charity for things such as fund-raising events, or gives to clients. In summing it all up, Vaughn said: “I just love the fact that I have been blessed and had an opportunity to travel and live all around the world.” WINTER 2018 Madison Living 25