Madison Living - Kentucky Winter 2018 - Page 19

FOOD Dude FESTIVE FINGER FOOD Try some simple, yet different holiday appetizers this year T Wings are always appreciated, and here he holiday season is coming right are two different kinds. A good veggie dip up and that means all the traditional is appreciated, and the mushroom caps, celebrations, including hosting gath- meat roll-ups and crab cocktail spread will erings of family and friends! add to the festive offerings. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, a For the sweeter tooth, there’s my wife’s buffet, or a sit-down dinner, appetizers, or wonderful strawberry cake roll, which you “finger food” is always a welcome addition. can slice and put out in a festive display. If you want something a bit different So, for your next gathering, take a little from the chips and dip or cracker and time to try something different and enjoy cheese routine, we’ve got a few good ones your holidays! RECIPES NEXT PAGE to try. By Frank Kourt WINTER 2018 Madison Living 19