Madison Living - Kentucky Winter 2018 - Page 18

Inside The Rockcastle River Trading Company, patrons can find charming home and garden accents with genteel southern and classy charm. From page 16 the finer points of customer service. As related by Buzz, when the oldest was very young, Carlos has gone to the family home for afternoon coffee. When he returned, the store was bustling with people, who had been informed by his daughter to “make themselves at home,” before she slipped away to play. Another occasion appeared dire when one Carloftis son was thought to have gone missing. Tourists looked high and low, thinking he had slipped into the nearby river, Buzz said. Thankfully, the boy was later found sleeping under a pile of store merchandise. “Older children remember watching Mrs. Lossie weave beautiful baskets in the village that would then be sold in the shop, listen to tales of bear hunting in the Smokies...or watch(ing) Lone Fox with this rope tricks,” Buzz continued. The publication notes that Fort Sequoyah continued to operate until the patriarch, Carlos, passed away in 1990. Afterward, through the guidance of Carlos and Lucille’s youngest son, Jon, the location was transformed into a 18 Madison Living WINTER 2018 small, private parkland and store with a garden focus, taking on the name The Rockcastle River Trading Company. Prior to restoring the family property, University of Kentucky graduate Jon, moved to New York City where he started a successful rooftop garden design and built a business with clients such Julianne Moore, Edward Norton, Mike Myers and Google Headquarters. Since his return to the commonwealth, Jon’s local clients include Maker’s Mark, Castle & Key, Luxrow Distillery, The Summit at Fritz Farm, Dudley’s Frazier History Museum, the Apiary, Eastern Kentucky University and more. For him, nothing is quite like home. “Jon has often said he gets back to his roots alongside the Rockcastle River, breathe the fresh air, and sees the bounty of nature’s vines, trees and undergrowth with the beauty of the ancient Appalachians for inspiration for the beautiful gardens he has created in New York and Kentucky,” said Buzz of his brother, noting other members of the sibling group have retired from successful careers as teachers, coaches and from public office. In addition to perusing the gift shop, guests of The Rockcastle River Trading Company can meander the property looking for inspiration among the gardens. A short walking trail along the historic Skaggs Trace by the river provides is a perfect place for photography. Buzz told Madison Living that the family is always pleased to see old friends who stop by to relive old memories, as well as those hoping to make new ones, adding, “(This place) has often been described by travelers as a place where you just feel at home.” The Rockcastle River Trading Company is open to the public 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, from April to December. Each year, spring and Christmas open houses are hosted for the public where workshops are held for those interested in garden and design. Visitors are asked to be respectful as the family’s home is located on the property. For more information visit