Madison Life and Times Summer 2016 - Page 3

INTRODUCTION // FROM THE EDITOR Marching to their own beat EDITOR Scott Underwood (765) 640-4845 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kaylee Harden (765) 640-4868 ONLINE Find Madison magazine online at EDITORIAL Staff writers Kelly Dickey, Rick Teverbaugh, Stu Hirsch, Devan Filchak, Ken de la Bastide Contributors Howard Hewitt, Karin Carmer, Emma Bowen Meyer, Derek Price, David Reddick, Jim Bailey, Stephen T. Jackson Copy Editors Paula Bivens, Tom Swenson DESIGN Kaylee Harden, Justin Chisham PHOTOGRAPHY John P. Cleary, Don Knight, Mark Maynard *All photographs not otherwise labeled are by or The Associated Press EMAIL PUBLISHER Beverly Joyce ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Mark Elliott, (765) 640-2309 DISTRIBUTION Susan Snyder, (765) 648-4295 SUBSCRIPTIONS Madison is published by The Herald Bulletin. The subscription price of $15 per year can be mailed to Madison at 1133 Jackson St., Anderson, IN 46016, or paid by phone at (765) 640-4848 or (800) 750-5049 M arching band members are the ultimate multi-taskers. They march in precise, intricate formations forward, backward and sideways. While keeping rhythm. While playing a musical instrument. While following the band leader’s direction. While smiling. While dancing. While sweating in a hot uniform. In the hot sun. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Well, actually, it is. That’s why each summer hundreds of high schoolers across Madison County sweat through dozens of hours of practice, practice, practice. Everything has to be just perfect. The choreography. The costumes. The music. The spirit. Scott Do Madison County bands have spirit? Yes, Underwood they do. To the tune of 15 state fair marching MADISON EDITOR band championships. That’s more than any follow Scott on Twitter county in the state. And it’s indicative of the cultural significance of marching bands in @THBeditor and on Facebook our area. In this issue of Madison, Stu Hirsch chronicles the marching band experiences of three Anderson High School students. All three speak of the sacrifices they’ve made to be part of a state championship contender, and of the motivation provided by the rich history of local bands. In a sidebar, Jim Bailey recounts Madison County’s rise among the state’s marching band powers, tracing our area’s preeminence back to the excellent band directors in Anderson and elsewhere in the county. If you participated in marching band in high school, these stories and the accompanying photos should bring the music and pageantry rushing back. If you never had the honor of playing an instrument, flipping a baton or waving flags in a marching band, you’ll experience it vicariously through the eyes of the Marching Highlanders. Elsewhere in this issue of Madison, sit down for a special tea at a new Elwood establishment, take a trip back in time to ride in a roller coaster at the Mounds Amusement Park, race in the sulky with a champion harness horse driver at Hoosier Park and quilt with the ladies of the Redbud Guild. As always, we hope you enjoy reading Madison as much as we enjoyed researching, writing and shooting photos to go with the articles. It’s always a thrill to see the pages of the magazine come to life! PHOTO BY DON KNIGHT Anderson's Marching Highlanders performed "Arthur: the Valiant King," during Indiana State Fair Band Day in 2015. MADISON 3