Madison Life and Times Summer 2016 - Page 24

HEALTH Perfecting PROTEIN 6 tips to make sure you’re getting the protein you need without overdoing it E STORY BY DEVAN FILCHAK veryone knows what protein is. It’s in the steak you have at dinner. It’s what makes us strong. Some people think that there’s no such thing as too much protein. But Americans are known for eating too much protein of it, according to Medical Daily. Men consume, on average, nearly double the amount of protein they should. Dietitians from St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital and Community Hospital Anderson share these six tips for getting the right amount of protein. 1. Figure out how much to eat Sorry about this, but there’s math involved. Michelle Richart, registered dietitian at St. Vincent Anderson Regional, suggests that for each kilogram you weigh, eat 0.8 grams of Danielle Olney protein. Danielle Olney, registered dietitian at Community Hospital Anderson, said she simplifies the formula by first telling patients to take their weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2. That will show how many kilograms someone Michelle Richart weighs. The average amount of protein needed is about 46 grams for women and about 56 grams for men, according to Web MD. “It’s equivalent to about two cups of milk and about six ounces of protein per day,” Richart said. 24