Madison Life and Times Spring 2016 - Page 26

BUSINESS FEATURE Ron (left) and Ken Vehikite show off two Blackroc knives in their Elwood workshop. FORGING SHARP ART The Vehikite brothers bring visions of steel creation to life STORY BY STINSON ANDERSON PHOTOS BY AMANDA VEHIKITE A rt can happen anywhere — in a studio, in a woodshop, or in a barn. But quite often in the heartland, it’s in the garage. Such is the case with Elwood’s Blackroc Knives, owned by Ken Vehikite (pronounced Vay-hee-kee-tay). For him, art has taken many forms over the years: from airbrushing choppers with pulpy images of fire and skulls to now hand- 26 MADISON crafting fixed-handle knives with a rustic flare. But Vehikite, who works in Pendleton for the Indiana Department of Correction, doesn’t think of himself as a true artist. “What it really comes down to for me is I just like to make things,” he says, standing at his garage workbench, which is covered with tools and materials. Outside, a fall wind pushes puffy clouds in front of the sun creating light, then shadow, then light. Wind chimes sing over the bark of a neighbor’s dog.