Madison Life and Times Spring 2016 - Page 18

COVER STORY | Joey Martin Feek TV program filmed at their Pottsville studio and broadcast on RFD-TV. Joey+Rory have been nominated for several awards over the years. They won Top New Vocal Duo of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2010 and the vocal duo award at the Inspirational Country Music Awards in 2011. Joey and Rory have created a country music career that won’t soon be forgotten. To Rory, it just makes sense. “She’s my favorite, favorite singer, and I’m her favorite songwriter, so it works out really well,” he said in the 2010 Madison article. “Without even realizing it, we were put together on purpose, for sure.” Rory had tried to help Joey take off with a music career solo, but Joey was told she was “too country” and that there was no place for her on the radio. Gloria Gaither, gospel singer-songwriter based in Alexandria, has worked with the duo. She said it’s no wonder Joey and Rory have become popular. “They are so real and so transparent and so what they are, the audiences love them,” she said. What Joey didn’t accomplish alone became natural with Rory. They brought out the best in each other. “It took something like this. It took me to have a duo partner and it to be my husband,” Joey said in the 2010 article. “And people are attracted to that story, and all of a sudden you become this figure together. … Even though it’s crazy, we get to do it together, and that’s the key to everything.” “She’s my favorite, favorite singer, and I’m her favorite songwriter, so it works out really well. Without even realizing it, we were put together on purpose, for sure.” Rory Feek ‘THIS LIFE I LIVE’ RORY’S blog, “This Life I Live,” keeps fans updated on the Feeks’ lives. Rory started the blog because he hasn’t been writing a lot of songs in recent months. “I’m a songwriter who isn’t writing songs right now. Joey has been encouraging me to write about our lives instead,” he wrote in the blog. “So at the beginning of last year, I started doing so. I don’t know why. I don’t have a plan or a purpose for this blog, other than to capture as much of these days and these moments as I can in posts, and share them with others.” In late 2015 and early 2016, the blog focused on Joey’s life in hospice. Thousands of the couple’s fans followed “This Life I Live” continually, drawing hope from Joey’s inspiring words about the family’s faith and the heartwarming photographs of Joey, Rory and their family. Rory has written about everything from what it was like living in Alexandria during Joey’s battle with cancer to the bus driver Joey and he have known since the beginning of their touring days. Rory posted a photo-heavy blog entry about Joey’s best friend and immediate family members, including her three sisters, shaving their heads in support of Joey, who had lost her hair during cancer treatments. “And all of a sudden, Joey didn’t look dif- 18 MADISON This is one of June Martin’s favorite photos of her youngest daughter. With the sun setting behind her on her Tennessee farm, Joey Martin Feek looks right at home. ferent than the people around her anymore,” Rory wrote in his Nov. 6 post. “And a big, beautiful smile came across her face and everyone else’s, too. Cancer can’t do that. Only love can.” As of January, his blog had more than 34,000 subscribers. Rory has enabled the thousands who care deeply about Joey and him to share their emotional struggle and their moments of spiritual clarity, and to see just how beautiful life can be. He showed Joey playing with their daughter, Indiana, from her hospice bed. And he shared the family’s Christmas celebration. The honesty and openness of the blog reflects the best qualities of Joey+Rory. In mid-January, Rory referred to Joey as his “dying wife.” “I’d like to tell you that she’s doing great and is going to beat this thing,” Rory wrote. “But I can’t.”