MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 8

MADEXXX Navigating and Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis MADE BY MALIZ MAHOP All throughout my teens and even in the first couple years of my 20s, I envisioned how my life at 25 would look like. I would be snatched, financially thriving in my super successful career, serving in my church and community, married to an amazing God-fearing man, with a super cute baby. I would be living in our beautiful home that would be perfect for our growing family. I would be spoiling my family and friends with vaca- tions and lavish gifts. While I understand that is some 25-year-olds’ testimony, that sure doesn’t happen to be mine. deserved. I was in my last semester of grad- uate school and I had one professor who was determined to make my life a living hell. I applied for about 40 job opportunities with the best recommendations anyone could ask for. I had interviews for some of the positions, but was rejected from all. I was dreading 25 and was getting anxious the closer June 29th was approaching. Then something hap- pened. On my way back Imagine being 24 and only one aspect of your life mirrors all you thought your life would be. Six months prior to my birthday, I was going through it. I was heartbroken because two significant relationships in my life had ended without the closure I believed I | 8