MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 77

MADEUS “To truly know and be myself, to stand on my own beliefs and live authentically… is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.” As a wife and mother, Chesny is a living testimony that you really can have it all. “I don’t think conversations around purpose exists as they need to and we deserve to know that we can have purpose. It is possible for us. I know because I live it daily.” The author has big plans on the horizon and not just with Genius Patch. “I am trying to instill in children what we spend so much time “unlearning” and discovering as adults. I am super excited to develop my voice as Ashlee Chesny and pull back the curtain on my life so other women get a realistic view of purpose. Of course, I’m working on a book around the idea, which will be my first non-children's book to be published. I’ve got some epic things planned for the launch and woman-based events that will be a lot of fun. Stay tuned to what’s coming from Ashlee Chesny by visiting her website and following her on @ashleechesny. PHOTO by Shawn Durley of Shawn Rochelle Photography occurs outside of the classroom through summer camps, after school programs, workshops author visits and more. Genius Patch is not without its challenges but Chesny faces them head on and remains hopeful. “I have a hypothesis, I test it and based on the results, I make a change or continue with the current process. I’m learning to be more mindful and explorative of what didn’t work and why not. Often times, I find that it’s a matter of timing or simply tweaking a small component.” Since its inception in November 2017, Genius Patch has received two grants, donations and its first award for programming through Corp! Magazine and Chesny is just getting started. #mademaven 77