MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 75

MADEINC clear barrier for elevation. Don’t be reluctant to take additional classes, obtain certifications, and/or read books to level up your proficiency in your industry. Being more credible increases your confidence as well as your team’s, clients and/or your supervisor’s confidence in what you have to offer. This is your brand promise. Promote your strengths but improve your weaknesses daily. It’s never okay to accept mediocrity. LEVEL UP YOUR COMMUNITY Tribe is a trending term for a small group of important individuals who influence our decision-making and lifestyles choices. While I love the idea of “tribes”, I believe communities offer a wider, diverse group of individuals with various experiences. Your tribe can actually evolve from your community. Access to a community of mentors, professional connections, like- minded peers and individuals who complement your weaknesses, can naturally help develop your personal and professional skills. Communities also have room to grow. Therefore, once you’ve developed your own community, chances are you will become a member of another one simply because of your connection to someone else. As you start to thrive in your industry, continue to expand your community – learning from and developing meaningful relationships. Relationships can help shape your brand’s identity, define your voice, and provide unique opportunities for your next power move. LEVEL UP YOUR CREATIVITY An Executive once told me that she knew employees who were ready for promotions because they were already doing the work of their desired role. If you’re seeking a promotion in a company, limiting yourself to the responsibilities of your current title, will limit where executives view of you as a leader. Be a creative problem-solver in uncomfortable situations, even if it’s not in your job description. Document your results, take credit for your work and use it in your next review. If you’re a self-employed entrepreneur and seeking new clients, revisit your current service or product offerings to ensure that you’re meeting the needs of your desired customer. Be aware of current trends to remain relevant, but always innovate and refresh to stay ahead of the crowd. A daily dose of creativity in your work is self-gratifying, empowering and yields fruitful results. While leveling up your brand presence, be comfortable in your skin. Don’t compare yourself to others because who knows, they just may be pretending in their clothes. Confidence is key. Embrace the journey, stop overthinking, and live in expectation, unafraid. You’ll eventually have it all. PHOTO COURTESY OF LINDREA REYNOLDS #mademaven 75