MADE Maven October Issue MADE Magazine - Page 73

MADEUS beauty and prenatal products, specifically catered to their current trimester. In November 2014, when I launched The Stork Bag®, I remember entering the marketplace with a lot of expectations backed by quantifiable goals. I’d given myself a goal of selling 100 Stork Bags within the first year and when that goal was executed within the first few months, I knew I was on to something! A lot has changed for the better in almost 4 years since launching The Stork Bag®. The brand has grown into a consistent go- to marketplace for pregnancy gifting and one-stop shop for the busy gifter. Our goal was always to incorporate convenience into serving an audience of people who are often times overlooked during such a special time in their lives. We’ve sold to customer globally and have strategically garnered connections and partnerships but it has been quite a journey to get here. Thinking back to my first year in business, here is what I’ve learned: CONSISTENCY WILL In the beginning it can be very easy to get distracted and lose sight of long-term plans for your business, but the #1 rule in branding PAY OFF: is, consistency. If you want to build a brand that people will recognize and grow to trust, consistency is key in the early stages. Rebranding is fine but remaining true to your initial mission is paramount. Before I talk about quantifying your goals, I must put emphasis on setting GOALS. You need to have written goals and once you have those written goals, you need to put measurable numbers with them. Having goals will help you stay focused and on track. Having measurable goals will help you determine if you are growing, and at what rate. Quantifying your goals or adding measurable markers, will also help you with accountability. QUANTIFY THOSE GOALS: I’m a spontaneous person, always have been but when you start to put your money where your mouth is, sometimes procrastination can creep in, even for the most spontaneous person. My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to just do it! If you have a great idea, do something to work toward getting that idea out each day. I think the scariest thing for most entrepreneurs is the fear of failing and looking bad to others and this fear is even more intense when you begin investing your own money into a venture. As the saying goes, “Procrastination is opportunity's assassin.” JUST DO IT: If YOU don’t do it now, someone else will. All in all, entrepreneurship is very freeing but it takes perseverance and drive. What I’ve learned is, if you stay consistent, set goals and just do it, you’re giving yourself an advantage. #mademaven 73